Weathering the Storm: Take Action

Helping camp weather this storm is not a one, two, or even three person job. We need to do this together. We need the help and support of our Lakeview family.

Are you willing to be a strong supporter of camp during this time? Here’s how:

Spread the Word I Become a Lakeview Champion I Commit Long Term I Pray

Spread the Word

In Person

Let your friends and family know that camp needs help. Encourage them to join you in supporting camp.

At Church

Be an advocate for camp in your church. Connect with your pastor, youth leader, or small group about sharing this need with others in the church. Encourage your congregation to support camp during this time.

District Wide Church Resources-These are bulletin announcements, PowerPoint slides, and more to use when sharing about Weathering the Storm in your church.

On Facebook/Instagram:

Share all camp’s posts about “Weather the Storm” on your own page.

Share these words as a status update (copy and paste):

This camp is very special to me, and they need our help. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they lost the majority of their income for the year. Please consider donating to help support a ministry where children and families get to play and grow together in God’s creation and experience the love of Christ. To donate go to Thank you!

Share one of these images as a status update (right click and “Save image as”):

Stay Informed

LIKE us on Facebook page and FOLLOW us on Instagram.

SIGN UP for our monthly e-newsletter.

Become a Lakeview Champion

Hold your own individual fundraiser for camp and become a Lakeview Champion!

We’ll set you up with your own personal webpage and make it easy for people to donate online-you just need to spread the word and ask people to donate!

We’ll be competing (in a good way) during the month of November to see which Lakeview Champion can raise the most money by November 21st (the date of our annual Dinner Auction). But we’ll be running the Lakeview Champion program all the way through the end of the year, so if you’re late to the party, don’t hesitate to still get involved!

And oh yes, there will be PRIZES:

  • Raise $.01 or more (ha ha-you can do it!) and you’ll get a limited edition Lakeview Champion sticker.
  • Raise $500 or more and you’ll receive a one of a kind Lakeview Champion t-shirt.
  • Raise the most out of all the Champions on Nov 21st and you’ll receive a Free 3-Day Village Rental for you and your friends at a date of your choosing in 2021.

Our goal?

100 Champions raising $100 each.

Will you be one of them?

If you love camp and are willing to become a Champion please sign up below. We’ll send you an email with all the details you need to get started.

Do it for camp. Do it for Jesus. Do it for the sticker.

Commit Long Term

The “Weathering the Storm” relief fund is raising money for an immediate need: to help camp survive the loss of income in 2020 without long-term effects and be positioned to serve our Lakeview family leading into Summer 2021.

But the impact of this pandemic may continue well beyond that. That is why we are looking for supporters of camp to commit to regular monthly giving for 1-3 years. Whether you can afford to give $10 a month or $1000, your committed support will make all the difference for camp. Long term support provides camp with long term stability, and gives us the foundation to plan and build for the future.

If you are willing to commit to support camp for the next 1-3 years, please call our office at 812-342-4815. We will work with you to set up a giving plan for the future.


We firmly believe that God hears and honors our prayers. Please join us in lifting up camp before God during this time.

Current specific prayer requests:

  • Pray that people would respond strongly to this need.
  • Pray for strength and encouragement for the Lakeview staff as they continue to navigate a challenging year.
  • Pray for our conversations with the district as we work with them on how they might be able to help support us in our efforts.
  • Pray for continued safety of the guests who come to camp and the staff who work to serve them.