FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the most questions that we are asked about our programs and facilities. Use the navigation below to jump to specific section of the FAQs.

General Questions

Who are you?

Lakeview Ministries was established in 1964 to provide a Christian experience of growth, inspiration, and recreation for people of all ages through a year-round outdoor ministry. Working within the confessions of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, we enhance the ministry of individual churches by providing the setting and resources for strengthening the faith of God’s people.

Who owns Camp Lakeview?

Lakeview Ministries is owned by an incorporated association of Lutheran individuals called the “South Central Lutheran Camp Association of Indiana, Inc.” Since this name is too long to print on the T-shirts, we operate under the name “Lakeview Ministries”. This association elects a governing Board of Directors who set policy and vision. The voluntary Board hires an Executive Director, to implement their policies and handle the day-to-day operations of the camp.

Are you the same organization as Lutheran Lake?

Nope, but a lot of people get us confused. The Lutheran Resort Association is a group of approximately 150 individuals who lease lots around Lutheran Lake. This association owns the chapel, the lake, and all the land around it. Lakeview Ministries owns the land directly east of them. Out of the goodness of their hearts, the Lutheran Resort Association allows Camp Lakeview to use a section of the lake as our waterfront. But, even though we are friendly neighbors, we are two diverse organizations.

Can I come if I’m not Lutheran?

You bet! Although Lakeview is owned and operated by Lutherans, our doors are open to anyone regardless of their religion, race, or ethnic origin. The only exception to this would be groups that are anti-Christian, such as satanic groups.

Are you ACA (American Camping Association) Certified?

We are not, however, we have done everything possible to live up to their high standards. We are, however, a partner camp with the National Lutheran Outdoors Ministry Association (NLOMA), a group of about 30 Lutheran camps nationwide.

Summer Camp

What is the age-range of summer campers?

Lakeview offers camp programs from kindergarten through 12th grade. Youth in 10th-12th grades are also encouraged to be volunteers in our Junior Counselor program.

Most camp programs have a span of 3-4 grades on camp at any given time.

Does “grade-level” mean the last grade I completed or the grade I am going into?

Grade level refers to the grade you are in BEFORE the summer.

What are the requirements to apply for summer staff?

Summer Staff should be at least a year out of high school. They must be able to work well with kids and have a sincere desire to serve their Lord. Junior Counselors are volunteers who assist the counselor and also help with other duties involving the horse program and the kitchen. They should have completed 10th grade.

What happens if a camper gets sick/injured while at camp?

When a camper gets serisouly sick or injured, the parent is contacted and the child is seen by our First Aid Coordinator. It is then determined if the camper is able to still participate in camp depending on issues such as if he/she is contagious, if he/she is able to participate in camp activities, checking conditions against the campers medical form, and doing what’s best for the camper’s condition. A decision is made and the child either is picked up by a parent or closely monitored by the First Aid Coordinator.

What should we bring?

A complete list will be sent to any child who registers for a summer camping program. However, the list contains most of the things you would expect such as sleeping bag or bedding, pillow, clothes, swimsuit, towel, toiletries, Bible and flashlight.

Does my child need to have a physical examination?

Nope. But you will need to fill out an Emergency/Medical Information Form. This form contains emergency contacts, authorization for emergency treatment, health history, immunization history, and information about prescribed and over-the-counter medications.

Does the camp carry insurance for the camper?

Yes, but it is not primary coverage. In the event that your child needs professional medical treatment, the parent/guardian’s insurance will be considered the primary carrier. The camp carries medical and dental insurance on all campers which can be used in a secondary role, helping with deductibles and filling the gaps left unpaid by the parents’ primary coverage.

Can I e-mail my child at camp?

Yes. Please use the camper mail system found on our website HERE. Your message will be limited to 500 characters. This system will not allow attachments or virtual greeting cards. Emails are delivered once a day at lunch time.

Your child will also have the opportunity to E-mail you if they choose to during free time each day. Be sure that your child has complete e-mail addresses before arriving at camp.

Can I phone my child at camp?

Yes, but we discourage it for many reasons. First of all, the campers are rarely near a telephone, which means we would have to track them down or have them return the call. Secondly, a camper missing home might be thrown into full-blown homesickness by a well-intentioned call from Mom or Dad. And lastly, if everyone did it, the volume would turn our secretary into an answering machine.

We highly recommend regular mail or e-mail as ways of communicating with your child.

Can I pick my child up early or drop them off late?

While we firmly believe that your camper will get the most out of their camp experience by being there for the whole time, we also recognize that sometimes life gets in the way. If you need to drop off your camper or pick them up outside of our usual times, please call our office ahead of time to let us know. We will make sure that someone is waiting to greet you and your camper when you arrive or that your camper is ready to go when you come to pick them up.

Renting the Facilities

How early do I need to make reservations to rent the facilities?

The earlier the better. Weekends and other prime times are often reserved up to a year in advance. Weekdays are not as busy, but all dates are filled first-come, first-served. Some dates are available last minute due to cancellations. Please call for up-to-date scheduling opportunities. Visit the reservation policies page for more information.

Show me the rental costs.

What is the capacity of the camp?

The entire camp has a total of 356 beds. On the Camp Lakeview side, there are 12 campers cabins sleeping as many as 12 people each and two retreat buildings sleeping 28 and 32 respectively. On the Lakeview Villages side, there is the Village Lodge sleeping 44, and the four Villages, which each have four cabins sleeping 6-7.

The Camp Lakeview dining hall can seat up to 200 people inside, with additional seating of about 150 on picnic tables on the exterior porches.

Are groups able to cook their own food?

Yes and no. The kitchen in the Shelter house is always available, but would probably not be sufficient for groups larger than 25.

The main dining hall also may be used. But allowing this kitchen to be used makes us limit the camp to be used by only one group during that time. Therefore, groups will only be allowed to cook their own meals in the dining hall kitchen if they are paying for at least 60 people to stay overnight.

Is there a minimum number of people necessary to rent facilities?

Each group will be charged at least the facility rental flat fee regardless of how many people attend the group’s event.

What kind of audio/visual equipment is available?

The camp has a TV, VCR, DVD player, video projector, easel, microphone with amplifier and speaker, overhead projector, and podiums. These are all available at no additional charge.

Are staff members available for devotions, archery instruction/supervision, lifeguarding, etc..?

Subject to availability you may “borrow” a staff member (as long as you return them in good condition and provide them with cookies, snicker-doodle preferred) for a variety of seasonal activities. For devotions, song leading, and service events, staff are available at no charge. Other activities led by staff require a fee. For a list of activities and fees, check out our Rental Rates document.

Please e-mail us with additional questions, or use our contact page to get in touch with us. We would be happy to add to this list of questions and answers if it would be helpful to you.