Junior Staff Position Options

Junior Counselor-As a JC you will spend each week in a cabin with campers assisting the counselor with leading and guiding the campers. Expect to get kids excited for games and activities, keep an eye out for homesickness and bullying, take campers to the bathroom and first aid room, help kids get ready for the next activity, and more.

Junior Wrangler-As a JW, you will assist our two Wranglers during the day in the horse barn. You will learn how to saddle horses, clean up around the barn, help campers get on and off horses, and lead horses during trail rides. No previous experience with horses is necessary-just a willingness to learn.

Junior Maintenance-As a JM, you will help our two Maintenance Assistants with various cleaning and fixing tasks during the day.  You do not need to be mechanically inclined to be a JM-just willing to work hard and get a little dirty.  

Junior Crafts-As a JR, you will help our Crafts Coordinator in the craft room during the day.  You will help set up the crafts, assist campers in completing their crafts, clean up the inevitable messes, and help occupy campers if they finish their crafts early.  You do not need to be especially crafty-just willing to talk and interact with campers and follow directions. 

Junior Kitchen-As a JK, you will help our two Assistant Cooks in the kitchen during the day.  You will help set out the food and options during each meal, serve food, keep the kitchen clean, wash dishes, and assist with basic food prep.  You do not need to have any kitchen experience-just bring a good attitude and be able to stay on task. 

Junior Lifeguard-As a JL, you will assist our Waterfront Coordinator down at the lake during the day.  You will help guard, launch canoes, teach campers the rules and instructions at the waterfront, and help set up and put away our water toys.  This position REQUIRES a current lifeguard certification.