Camp Gets a Maintenance Building from Lutheran Community Home

In November 2020, a large number of individuals, volunteer groups, and businesses came together over multiple days to help camp deconstruct a large steel panel maintenance building from its location in Seymour and bring it back to camp.

The building was generously donated by the Lutheran Community Home in Seymour.

What a tremendous privilege it was to witness so many coming together to make this possible for Lakeview Ministries! We here at camp would especially like to thank:

  • The Lutheran Community Home for their incredibly generous donation of the building, and staff members Andy Gillespie and David Rieckers for their onsite assistance throughout the project.
  • Mike Vandercar for helping to oversee the entire project.
  • Roger PollertDan KielKeith Mensendiek, and Lou Heidemen for all their hard work throughout the course of the project.
  • Ervin Kruse and multiple volunteer teams from Toyota Material Handling Solutions for their nearly 100 hours of labor.
  • The businesses of Goecker Building SupplySnyder’s Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning, and Foster Brothers Excavation and Crane for donating equipment to use in the move.
  • The Zion Seymour Men’s Bible Study group for coming out to volunteer.

It’s projects like these that truly show what an incredible community camp is blessed to belong to. For everyone involved with this project, please know how grateful camp is for your help and love.

We hope to use the materials from this building to construct a larger Athletic Field Equipment Shed at Camp Lakeview in the near future, as well as to assist in projects at camp for years down the road. Especially with the current incredibly high lumber prices, having the materials from this building to use at camp is a HUGE blessing and will allow us to take on projects we otherwise couldn’t afford.

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