Checkpoints for 2020

We believe that camp is needed now more than ever. Our staff is working hard to respond to the changing situation and do everything possible to create the possibility of running camp programs this summer. But for us to feel confident in welcoming people to camp and running programs, there are several different checkpoints we must reach. Below, you can find these explained in more detail, as well as action steps we are taking to move towards each checkpoint.

Checkpoint #1: Group Gathering Regulations

Currently, Indiana is under a “Shelter in Place” order that extends until midnight on May 1st. Even once this order is lifted, there will likely be restrictions on group gathering sizes for an undetermined amount of time. For camp programs to happen this summer, we must be able to safely comply with any existing state regulations limiting the size and type of group gatherings.

What we’re currently doing:
  • Closely monitoring all government regulations as well as staying up-to-date on the predicted trajectory of future restrictions.

Checkpoint #2: Operational Regulations

Even once Indiana’s “Shelter in Place” order is lifted, there will be state and local guidelines regulating our normal summer operating procedures. For camp programs to happen this summer, we must be able to safely comply with any required practices without significantly compromising our ability to “do camp”.    

What we’re currently doing:
  • Staying up to date on the current best practices being recommended for similar organizations.  
  • Staying in communication with our local health department regarding potential operation this summer and what restrictions might be involved.
  • Staying in touch with the American Camp Association (ACA) and Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) as they continue to advocate for camps on a national level. They are working to develop COVID-19 guidance for overnight camps for this summer and to develop educational and operational resources for camps.

Checkpoint #3: Camper/Staff Care

We’re so thankful that COVID-19 appears to pose relatively little risk to the <20 age group that comprises the majority of our on-site population in the summer. At the same time, we recognize that many of our campers and staff come from households with at-risk individuals and also recognize the necessity to be able to quickly and efficiently contain any suspected on-site cases of COVID-19 in order to be able to operate. Camp programs will only happen this summer if we are able to comply with health department recommendations in our policies and procedures related to both the prevention of on-site infections as well as quarantine procedures in the event of a suspected case.

What we’re currently doing:
  • Staying up to date on current best practices and recommendations in this area.
  • Developing updated screening procedures for summer campers, staff, and other guests.
  • Developing updated policies and procedures related to infectious disease prevention at camp.
  • Developing updated policies and procedures for cleaning and disinfecting high touch areas of camp.
  • Consulting with experts to put together an infection control plan. 

Checkpoint #4: Camp Logistics

This is a rapidly changing situation and there is still much uncertainty surrounding what the next several weeks and months will look like. This presents some significant logistical challenges in planning and preparing for camp this summer. For camp programs to happen this summer, we must be able to anticipate future needs, stockpile necessary supplies, have the support of our summer staff team, and be ready to “go” within a relatively short time frame.   

What we’re currently doing:
  • Working to complete the 5th Village Cluster so it is ready to welcome campers when needed.
  • Surveying our summer staff to collect information about their ability and willingness to serve even in a shortened or otherwise impacted summer season.
  • Developing contingency plans in several different critical planning areas related to this summer.
  • Working with our suppliers to ensure our ability to adequately stock necessary items such as hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies.