Camp Lakeview Cabin Area

The Camp Lakeview cabin area includes 12 cabins, as well as a bathhouse, and a covered gathering area.

Ten of the cabins contain six bunk beds, while two larger cabins have seven bunks. In total, the cabin area sleeps up to 148 people. Each cabin is also equipped with an AC/ heating unit.

The bathhouse is located at the north end of the cabin area. Remodeled in 2000, it contains 22 showers (14 girls, 8 boys) with individual changing areas, 10 private toilets, 12 sinks, and a laundry room with 2 washers and 2 dryers. The building is heated for extended use in the late fall and early spring.

During the summer, each cabin houses 10 summer campers, along with a college-aged counselor and a high school-aged junior counselor. During the rest of the year (August-May) the cabins are available for rent to groups of up to 148 people.