Junior Staff

The initial deadline to apply for this program was Feb 1st, but we are still accepting applications on a rolling basis leading up to the summer. Applications will be accepted until all program spots are filled. These are the spots we currently have available:

  • June 27-July 2 (2 male JC spots, 1 Junior Lifeguard spot, 1 Junior Maintenance spot)
  • July 4-16 (1 male JC spot)
  • July 18-23 (2 male JC spot, 1 female JC spot)
  • July 18-30 (1 male JC spot)

Apply HERE.

We are planning and preparing to be able to run our normal summer programs in a safe and fun manner for Summer 2021. If you have specific questions or considerations, use the form at the bottom to reach out to us. As part of the application process, we will keep you informed about specific expectations and policies for the summer related to COVID-19.


Nov 1st-Application opens
Feb 1st-Initial deadline to submit application
Feb 8th-Initial deadline to schedule interview
Mar 1st-Initial applicants informed whether they have been selected for the Junior Staff program
May 15th-Junior Staff Training Day

What is the Junior Staff program?

Our Junior Staff program is for students who have completed 10-12th grade. Junior Staff are high school volunteers that come to camp for two weeks to serve alongside our camp counselors and support staff members. 

For each week that you serve, you will be assigned to a different counselor or staff member to mentor you as you are put in leadership positions with the campers. You will also assist with some meals as well as cleaning projects. Junior Staffers bring a huge boost of energy and excitement to the ministry and programs at camp.

Serving at camp as a JS will be two of the hardest weeks of your life.  You will experience long days, be asked to challenge yourself, and have to put the needs of others ahead of yourself.  They will also be some of the best weeks of your life.  Being a Junior Staffer matters.  You get to share truth and love with campers who desperately need to hear it, and experience living a life that Jesus has called you for.

Who can be a Junior Staffer?

Anyone who is at least a SOPHOMORE or older AND at least 15 years old can apply to be a JS.  Applicants MUST be able to attend a one-day training and orientation session (JS Training Day) held at camp on Saturday, May 15, 2021 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm .  Applicants will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Strength of Interview
  • Strength of References
  • Strength of Application
  • Cycle availability during the summer
  • Previous history as a Junior Staffer (if applicable)
  • Year in school

How much does it cost?

Volunteering as a Junior Staff is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Lakeview Ministries provides you with room and board, a free T-Shirt, and $10 per week for spending money at the canteen. In addition, you will also become a part of a tight-knit community of friends, grow as a leader, make wonderful memories, and grow in your own faith while sharing the Gospel with others through your words and service.

How do I apply?

Apply HERE.  You will need the following:

  • Email addresses for three references (make sure to ask!).
  • A basic idea of your summer availability so that you can accurately select which cycles you will be available for.

Within a week of submitting your application, you will receive an email asking you to set up an interview date.  The initial deadline to apply is February 1st.  Initial applicants will be informed whether they have been selected or not by March 1st.

Summer 2021 Junior Staff Cycle Dates

Camp Lakeview

Cycle 1: May 30-June 13
Cycle 2: June 13-25
Cycle 3: June 27-July 4 (one week cycle)
Cycle 4: July 4-18
Cycle 5: July 18-30

Lakeview Villages

Cycle A: May 30-June 11
Cycle B: June 13-25
Cycle C: July 4-16
Cycle D: July 18-23 (one week cycle)

When applying, please select ALL cycles you are available to serve, irregardless of side. You will be assigned to a side based on what fits the needs of camp best. You may let us know if you have a strong preference for younger (Camp Lakeview) or older (Lakeview Villages) campers, but we typically do not honor requests unless you are a returning Junior Staffer.

The Junior Staff program is exactly the same on each side of camp. JS cycles at Lakeview Villages typically end on Friday of the second week of camp while JS cycles at Camp Lakeview typically end on Sunday of the second week of camp.

Junior Staff Positions

Junior Counselor-The most common position, as a JC you spend each week in a cabin with campers assisting the counselor with leading and guiding the campers.  Expect to help get kids excited for games and activities, keep an eye out for homesickness and bullying, take campers to the bathroom and first aid room, help kids get ready for the next activity, and more.

Junior Wrangler-As a JW, you will assist our two Wranglers during the day in the horse barn.  You will learn how to saddle horses, clean up around the barn, help campers get on and off horses, and lead horses during the trail rides.  No previous experience with horses is necessary-just a willingness to learn.  In the evenings and during mealtimes you will be “adopted” by a cabin and spend your time helping and assisting those campers.

Junior Maintenance-As a JM, you will help our two Maintenance Assistants with various cleaning and fixing tasks during the day.  You do not need to be mechanically inclined to be a JM-just willing to work hard and get a little dirty.  In the evenings and during mealtimes you will be “adopted” by a cabin and spend your time helping and assisting those campers.

Junior Crafts-As a JR, you will help our Crafts Coordinator in the craft room during the day.  You will help set up the crafts, assist campers in completing their crafts, clean up the inevitable messes, and help occupy campers if they finish their crafts early.  You do not need to be especially crafty-just willing to talk and interact with campers and follow directions. In the evenings and during mealtimes you will be “adopted” by a cabin and spend your time helping and assisting those campers.

Junior Kitchen-As a JK, you will help our two Assistant Cooks in the kitchen during the day.  You will help set out the food and options during each meal, serve food, keep the kitchen clean, wash dishes, and assist with basic food prep.  You do not need to have any kitchen experience-just bring a good attitude and be able to stay on task. In the evenings and during select times in the day you will be “adopted” by a cabin and spend your time helping and assisting those campers.  

Junior Lifeguard-As a JL, you will assist our Waterfront Coordinator down at the lake during the day.  You will help guard, launch canoes, teach campers the rules and instructions at the waterfront, and help set up and put away our water toys.  This position REQUIRES a current lifeguard certification.  In the evenings and during mealtimes you will be “adopted” by a cabin and spend your time helping and assisting those campers.

Other Information

JS Training Day Required: This program REQUIRES attendance at the Junior Staff Training Day held at camp on Saturday, May 16, 2020 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Connection to Future Employment: Acceptance in the Junior Staff program does not guarantee or increase your chance at a future position on Lakeview Ministries’ Summer Staff.

Other Opportunities for High School Youth: Lakeview Villages Camp Sessions

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