History of Lakeview Springs


Lakeview Springs is located in Lanesville, Indiana, just a few miles across the state line from Louisville, Kentucky.

The camp was started as Camp Cedarbrook in 1955 by the Kentuckiana Zone of the Lutheran Layman’s League. Many people from multiple congregations had a hand in maintaining and supporting the camp over the years. Lakeview Springs is a place with a rich history and many connections and memories for a lot of people.

In recent years the property, now owned by Lutheran Hour Ministries, had fallen into disuse. Lutheran Hour Ministries, no longer interested in operating the facility, considered selling it on the public market, but preferred to see it delivered into the hands of another Lutheran organization. Lakeview Ministries was approached about getting involved in the process.

After many prayers, discussions, more prayers, planning meetings, and even more prayers it became evident that God was calling us to step up and provide a future for this beautiful camp that had provided so much to so many over the years. Lutheran Hour Ministries was very gracious to work out a deal with Lakeview Ministries that would not financially hinder the current ministry being done at our Camp Lakeview and Lakeview Villages locations.  

After purchasing the property in 2016, the past 2 years has been spent:

  • Getting the buildings and grounds back in good working condition.
  • Forming a Lakeview Springs Planning Committee
  • Holding sounding meetings with multiple groups to collect ideas for our future plans at Lakeview Springs
  • Creating a final strategic plan for Lakeview Springs

Our goal is for Lakeview Springs to become a premier family-focused outdoor ministry that provides growth, inspiration, and recreation to families and churches.  As Lakeview Springs has faithfully served local congregations and families for the past 60 years, we hope to help it continue to serve for many years to come.