High-Ropes Challenge Course

The high-ropes challenge course, located at the Lakeview Villages campsite, provides campers and guests with an opportunity to challenge themselves and work together as a team as they face a variety of obstacles — all of which are situated at 25-30 feet off the ground. All activities are led by trained facilitators and all participants wear protective gear and harnesses.

Current elements include…

  • A 250-foot zipline through the forest
  • A “Pamper Pole” which challenges the participant to climb a 25′ telephone pole, stand on the top, and jump off
  • A “Jacob’s Ladder” which uses teams of 2 or 3 to climb a 30′ “ladder” with gaps of 4-5 feet between the “rungs”
  • Two adaptable “Traverses” that can be altered for a variety of challenges
  • A rappelling area where participants can climb trees and rappel down