Thrivent Financial Member Giving

Thrivent Action Teams

We need your help. Thrivent’s new ACTION TEAM program has the potential to contribute immensely to the Ministry here at Lakeview. This program allows any Thrivent member to organize and lead a project to benefit our organization. What does this mean for camp? If you lead an action team, Thrivent will give you a $250 Visa card that can be used to purchase supplies for your event. Maybe you can organize a fundraiser for camp and use your $250 to buy raffle prizes. Or plan a service project out at camp with your friends and use the money to buy supplies for the project. We have lots of different ideas for projects and fundraisers. A short list is given below, but you can call the camp office and talk with David for more information. Get in on the ACTION now.

Potential service projects include:

  • Stain/Paint Cabins
  • Clean and Trim Trails
  • Repair/Replace Picnic Tables
  • Repair/Replace Benches
  • Tend Flower Beds by Entrance Signs
  • Install Informational Signs
  • Repair Bunk Beds in Cabins
  • Repair Tables and Chairs

Potential fundraising projects include:

  • Raffle for Week at Camp
  • Car Wash
  • Golf/Miniature Golf Open
  • Walk/Ride for Lakeview


Thrivent Choice Dollars

Send FREE Money to Camp Lakeview with “Thrivent Choice”. Yes, you heard it right! If you are a member of Thrivent Financial, you may be able to designate Camp Lakeview as the recipient of some of their money through the Thrivent Choice program. Your eligibility and the amount you can designate depends on the types and values of the accounts and policies you hold with Thrivent Financial. To designate your “choice dollars” or to get more information, go to their website at or call 800-847-4836 and state “Thrivent Choice”. It’s easy to do and it will greatly help our ministry! For more information about Thrivent Financial, visit their website here.