What if my camper gets sick or injured?

Every member of our summer staff is trained to take the utmost care in keeping each camper physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe. We train our staff to understand the huge responsibility that comes with being entrusted with the care of your son or daughter.

In addition to our normal summer staff, there is a First Aid Coordinator (certified in First Aid/CPR) onsite at all times to provide routine first aid care and distribute medication to campers. This First Aid Coordinator works closely with our on-call pediatric physician who provides treatment plans for common camp injuries and illnesses. In addition, we have a full-time staff member with an EMT-certification to respond to more serious injuries.

If your camper ever experiences a medical concern, illness, or incident beyond the normal stomach aches, bumps, and bruises that can happen at camp, we will immediately contact you. We will also notify you if a camper ever needs outside treatment for an injury or illness, when a camper is in our First Aid room for a period longer than 4 hours due to illness, or a camper experiences an injury that leaves them unable to continue with normal camp activities.